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The Hearty Boys: competing with a big ol’ phrasemonger

If I gave awards for competing with phrasemongers, the inaugural winners would be the Chicago caterers, one-time Food Network stars, and gay fathers Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh, professionally known as the Hearty Boys.

I’ll recap very quickly: Mike Huckabee gave an interview to The College of New Jersey’s student newspaper, The Perspective. In the interview, he compared homosexuality to drug use, incest, and polygamy. He also suggested that gays and lesbian couples should not be allowed to adopt, because, “Children are not puppies.” He clearly implies that giving rights to LGBTQ people, whether to serve openly in the military, to marry, or to adopt children is just social experimentation, not an issue of human rights.

So, this was published, and then Huckabee claimed his statements in the interview were grossly distorted, and asked the paper to release the tapes to prove it. So they did. No distortion is apparent.

So, here Mike Huckabee has become the phrasemonger of the week, with egg all over his face that he refuses to acknowledge. This is where the Hearty Boys step in. Basically, in an effort to repay an insult with a blessing, they’ve invited Huckabee to come to dinner at their home, and meet them and their son, to see for himself that they are a stable, loving family. Is there a better way to compete with phrasemongers? Inviting somebody to your home for what is sure to be a fantastic dinner sure beats the arguing I engage in, here!

Smith and McDonagh, I salute you for being ready to sit down with and serve and feed and share with somebody who wishes you could not enjoy the family you enjoy. That is the most Christian response I can imagine.

This story is getting some traction in the news. You can follow the story as it unfolds via their Facebook site, Twitter, and McDonagh’s new blog.


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Swing your hips to the Apocalypto beat!

I’d like to admit upfront that much of this encapsulates an article in the Washington Post.  That said…

Kapow! It feels like a 1954 comic book, because I get to write about a group of people calling themselves “Atomic Scientists.” The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a group of people who don’t want the world to end, despite their invention of a technology that makes just such a thing possible, have set the Doomsday Clock back by one minute, from 11:55 to 11:54 pm. We are now 6 minutes away from annihilation, instead of 5.  But doesn’t it feel like more? I mean, if I have 5 minutes left until a meeting, I don’t think I can get nearly as much done as if I have 6 minutes left.

I can’t help but wonder if this is more of the same irrational exuberance (or maybe call it afterglow) about Bush leaving office that led to the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama. But it’s still nice to know that somebody thinks things are getting better.

Of course, there are also many people who really do want the world to end in fire and brimstone, soon, because they assume such an event would validate their theological paradigm, and also because they’d get to go to heaven. As you probably guessed, they aren’t buying the Atomic Scientists’ line that we’ve taken a tiny step back from the brink.  Nobody likes to be wrong, do we? On their scorecard, which is much more thorough than a simple clock metaphor, but also much less snappy, we’re 1 point closer to Armageddon (on a 225 pt scale). This is because civil rights have been eroded by attempts to thwart terrorism. I guess if the TSA can see your junk on a x-ray machine, the end is nigh.  Strangely, the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t make the RaptureReady list of factors.

Do you have an apocalypse-predictive tool that you prefer to use?  Let me know about it in the comments.


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