A simple resource for understanding the new healthcare law

When discussing healthcare reform, most of the media has focused on the political horse-race, and comparatively little effort has been put into actually describing the law. This has left most of us to rely on our chosen political camps for extremely biased “messaging” (that’s a phrasemonger of a word if ever there was one) about the actual contents. That seems to be changing, now that it has passed, but info is coming out in dribs and drabs. This is understandable, given the complexity and sheer size of the law.

But I’ve just discovered this summary of the healthcare bill published in the Christian Science Monitor early last week. When this was written, the bill had not yet become a law, but was already very close to its final form. This summary is a very readable; it seems to be written at a 4th grade reading level. I certainly don’t post it to insult my readers’ intelligence. It is the most concise description I’ve yet read in one place of the various components of the law.



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2 responses to “A simple resource for understanding the new healthcare law

  1. Shaana Robrock

    Thanks for this link, Aaron. It was quite helpful. Apparently some of us needed this “dumbed down” version. I trust you are well.

  2. Shaana, thanks for reading! Anybody who doesn’t have time to read thousands of pages of legislation needs a summary like this.

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