“Chicago School” economists on the crash

If you have some time, here is something worthy of it. http://freakonomics.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/01/20/chicago-economists-on-the-crisis/

I did my MBA at the University of Chicago, and I concentrated in economics and finance. But the econ you get in the MBA curriculum is really Chicago School Lite. So, I am no expert.  But I did take classes from three of the guys interviewed for this series, one neo-classicist (Murphy), one cautious pragmatist (Rajan), and one behaviorist (Thaler). They were all brilliant, but I think for advice in a financial crisis, I’d go with Rajan.

Whatever you might think about the Chicago School, know this. The current economics and finance faculty at the U of C is a very diverse group. You can see that in these interviews.


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